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HDFC Home Loan Procedure


With the increasing number of lenders in the market offering Home Loans, the process of availing loans has gone a tremendous change in the recent years. However, there is still some process involved in the procurement of Home loan. A home loan is a long term commitment of 15-20 years.HDFC home loan procedure guides you on the various phases involved in the process.  It is desirable that a proposed borrower should first understand the stages of obtaining a Home Loan. Listed below are the steps for HDFC home loan process:


Step 1: Application Form

The process starts with formal application of the Home Loan. HDFC would provide a form that demands some basic information about the proposed borrower.


Step 2: Personal Discussion

HDFC Bank Home Loan approving department would go for a personal discussion with the customer to judge the aspirant.   


Step 3: Bank's Field Investigation

The bank normally outsource agency to do a verification of the applicant’s residence and place of work.   


Step 4: Credit appraisal by the bank and loan sanction

HDFC would then compute your eligibility based on your income documents and verification reportsand sanction the loan.


Step 5: Offer Letter

As a confirmation of the loan approval the borrower would receive a sanction letter from the bank stating the loan amount, tenor, rate of interest and all other terms under which the loan gets approved.


Step 6: Submission of legal documents & legal check

After loan authorization the bank would ask for the property related documents to validate that the proposed property is free from any litigations.


Step 7: Technical / Valuation check

HDFC would send engineer to do an exact valuation of the proposed property.


Step 8: Signing of agreements and submitting post-dated cheques

The borrower at this stage needs to sign the home loan agreement as an acceptance to the terms and conditions of the sanction.


Step 9: Disbursement

HDFC would finally disburse the loan amount based on the work progress or as per builder demand.

HDFC’s dedicated team of experts would maintain transparency throughout the process and offer a complete package to meet housing finance requirements of the borrower.


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Home Loan Interest Rates

HDFC Bank 10.75% - 11%
Reliance Finance 11%
Dhanalakshmi Bank 12%
Barclays Bank 11% - 11.25%
HSBC 10.75% - 11%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 11.25% - 11.50%
DHFL 11.25% - 11.50%
Indiabulls 10.50%- 11.25%
First Blue 10.50% - 11.75%
Citi Bank 10.50% - 11%
Standard Chartered Bank 10.75% - 11%
Axis Bank 10.75% - 11%
ICICI Bank 10.50% - 11.75%
Deutsche Bank 10.75% - 11%
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